Welcome to our trophy factory, the breeding program was created to meet the expectations and quality in the Ranch, be pioneers in the industry and maintain high-level hunting. The program is managed intensively; to have this separated from the ranch we have this operation located in another Ranch also in Nuevo Leon.

LAS PUNTAS Intensive management involves:

  • -Exclusive and top breeding bloodlines adequately selected to survive in our habitat.
  • Medical procedures and management prevention, pest controls, habitat treatments, vaccinations, clean habitats, all this worked to perfection for our habitat.
  • Artificial Insemination with exclusive and hard to get bloodlines, this is possible with the help from doctors from the USA and Mexico.
  • Facilities, done with the best layouts consisting of alleys, deer handlers, special labs, dark rooms with AC etc. all to have low stress in our animals.
  • Detailed selection of Bloodlines, studying the history of the lines and what they produce to have the perfect and most desirable trophy Racks.
  • The use of top line Technology, both in Medicine and facilities putting them to work in our environment. Plasma extraction, Medical Equipment and Chemical Containment equipment.


Carry the most exclusive breeding lines in the country that most importantly adapt to our area and ensuring a good supply of bucks for the Hunting Ranch.


At the beginning our goal was to raise the largest deer in Mexico, but we have merged to raise the best group of trophies year after year, having consistency and quality for elite Hunters.