Welcome to Rancho LASPUNTAS, located in Mexico’s #1 hunting Area for Texas Whitetail trophy deer. We are located in the County of Vallecillo in the state of Nuevo Leon just 60 m
iles south from Laredo Texas. You will have the opportunity to Hunt an Elite trophy over 200B&C.

The quality of the deer on the property are the product of years of intensive and extensive management with high-quality genetics, good nutrition and properly managed populations.


In LASPUNTAS Ranch we aim to give the hunter the opportunity with the perfect conditions to hunt a trophy of his very best standards all this with luxury accommodations and Service.


Obtain overall Hunting average scores of 185 B&C Gross, gaining al least 5 B&C points each year. Have all types of frames, wide, tall tines, non typical, typical etc to satisfy year after year the necessities of our hunters.

Current Season (Pictures of cameras at the ranch)